Pure Boy Art Gallery
it's been a fun ride but...
Due to server space and the fact that I, first and foremost blame myself for not giving PBAG enough attention and care, thus a serious lack of updates which understandably resulted in little interest in the site, Ayas and myself decided that this little experiment has reached its expiry date. If, by any chance, one day a free hosting service offers Tor support, I might think about reviving PBA on a separate server to save space for our 3D Boys forum's needs and maybe give it a wider exposure and maybe even give visitors a chance to contribute as well.

Anyhow, please consider Pure Boy - Art Gallery to be officially closed, you can safely delete it from your bookmarks or address files or whatever you use. I hope you enjoyed what we were able to offer, and I hope that those pictures served their purpose, to show boys as the beautiful creatures we all (I hope) love and cherish.

Thank you to those who helped and contributed (Particularly Raju) and I hope we'll be able to revive PBAG one day.

Pure Boys Art Gallery was a project to show boys as they are.
We hope we had achieved this goal and you, our visitors, had a good time watching the pictures we showed here. And maybe by watching them you also remembered the fun times from your own childhood.

I also want to thank all our supporters and contributers and especially Insomniac. Without him this project never would have come to life.